Simones View of the world!!

By · May 14, 2010 · Filed in News
Shpicy from a Simone Magill point of veiw ! Mid ulster ladies football club is like a big shpice. I have had so many great times so far this year . Firslty I will tell this story behind the magical SHPICY. Lisa (twinkle toes) Is the mastermind behind this theory. In kfc twinkle toes (to herself ) blurted out shpicccccy and I was the only one to hear it haha. It was a defo had to be there kind of moment. CRUNCH CRUNCH! Yes you might wonder about this one? Life is one big crunch that I don't understand ! So if your ever on the motor way be sure to pull over to the cold shoulder and check it out! Do you no what I don't get? The world it's a magical place and why isit when you are looking at the globe to you never wonder why people in austraila do not fall off the bottom of the world.? And if any one can answer my question why are the inside of spoons upside down? These are the questions in which haunt me! Be sure if you ever come to one of our matches you have to head back to the railway afterwards for sandwhiches and minerals I'll buy 😉 I will give you some flashbacks from last year! SOCKS Never take your socks of and shove them into someones face no matter how much you really want to because like my best sock it will end up out the window of the car on the motorway left there to decompose. The poor sock never got a chance 🙁 For anybody who has ever had a laptop word of advice never leave it on the charger for to long because it will over heat and smoke will fly out! CHEESEY CHIP OR NOT? When ever you are in a chipy be sure to know what you are going to order before you actually do. I made that mistake and now junky will never let me forget that I ordered chip beans and cheese without cheese haha. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL? Horses! They eat grass in peoples gardens in glengormly an that's all I'm saying about that one. TEAPOTS I'm a tea drinker. Strong using blue milk NOT green and not out of one of them teapot things and nothing beAts drinking tea with a fruddle which I don't like but there nice. CARS? (brumbrum) Always be careful whilst in another persons vehicle here's some tips -don't spill things -don't bang doors -if going to be sick roll down window and throw up opposite the direction of the wind - always have gooood music SINGING Yes finaly I love to sing but when I sing it sounds good to me but to others and my recordings it sounds not so good. A word of advice if you want to know if you're singing out of tune you put one hand over one ear and sing and it will tell you if your in or out of tune 😉 Be sure to check out the video on the homepage of our xfactor wnning song to be 🙂 I sometimes like to make chocolate bicycles out of wagon wheels and chololate fingers and put them in a toblerone bike rack. Someday for lisas Cliona I'm going to remix a remix preferably michael BUBBLES haha .And then top it all of by moon walking on the moon and inventing inside out spoons so that they are the write way up not upside down. From I joined the club I have had the best crac with much more to come so from me Simone (player/exceutive water bottle carrier , average wii age of 40) See ya! Simone Magill