Mid Ulster Adventure day from the Smole point of view

By · August 8, 2010 · Filed in News, Trips Out
As every year there is no stopping the mid ulster crew trying new challenges In stock this year there was the leap of faith, climbing wall, caving and mountain biking! I must say I have never experienced a day quite like it with Karen's seal impression junkies ninja skills whilst caving and 2 spuds supporters club. TEAM SMOLE v TEAM GINGER!

Team Smole get armed

As always there is a water fight this years was epic! We had on team smole.. Hayley adel jackie jess karen emma,lynn and smole, on team ginger.. Sharlene,glen,scott,aaron! As intended team smole won hands down leaving team ginger sunk like the titanic! LEAP OF FAITH! (25pound in the jar) Now for you who don't know the leap of faith is a telegraph pole that you climb up and at the top there is a table that you climb onto and you then have to run and jump of it onto a trapease! I must say Karen was quite hillouris doing this one as when she reached two foot off the ground the 50ps were gathering up and once on the bird table she sat down and wouldn't move and not long after she then completed it by leaping towards the trapease! And I must give a congrats to everyone who completed it esp the let's say more expreienced memers of the squad as it is high haha! CAVING Now most of us hate small dark not bugg free spaces! Well no fear mid ulster are here! I must say everyone did really well at this but I was really impressed with junkies acrobatics as she was ducking diving twisting and turning throughout that gave like a ninja was impressive and as for myself and I'm sure many others I conqured a fear as asoon as the cave door opened there stood a gitantic spider that sent me into castrophy! But big ups to eveyone who finshed it as it wasn't easy!

Cavers before the adventureEmma exiting the caves. Yes it was cold!

All that I can say is that I was so hyped for this day too come and I was not dissapointed as usall thanks to everyone who came as it was one great day! Roll on next years!