Hayley & Simones world tour, well Bulgaria & Czech Rep

By · September 24, 2010 · Filed in News

The sink after getting the Smole treatment

So away we went! We left the very sunny northern ireland and off we went on our travels to bulgaria with ni u17! In bulgaria we had the joys of having peppers cheese and ham EVERY morning for our breakfast and I (smole) unleashed my hamster side! As a source tells us ' a famine had hit bulgaria' haha. Along came the matches and we were playing wait for it... Bulgaria! SHOCKED! 'Don't dive in' hayley as we all know loves to go to ground but I thought she did rather well as the number 7 jersey was far from dirty(hence of sarcasm). The second match suited us NI lott as it was hammering down with rain. Well let's just say 'good luck' to the person who as cleaning our kits that day. Bulgaria was an unforgettable trip as we came away with two great results one which was 1-1 and the other which wen 2-1 Next stop Czech Rep (not forgetting we attended school three days in between) And we were off on our travels again! We arrived in prague to find that we were roomies (oh what is the world coming to haha) sleepless nights with hails snoring, me sleep battering hayley in the middle of the night, and the pair of us talking crap! I must say I have never had an experience quite like it in a hotel room with us cleaning our boots and flooding the bath room and then flushing the plug to the sink down the loo and if things weren't messy enough I decided to use a lovely white towel to clean the muck and to top it all of I went to clean the shower not knowing that the shower head was facing me and the doors were open (tenner if you can guess what happens next?) Yes I get soaked! Another bright smole idea 🙂 that wasn't all we ha sun cream fights pillow fights you name it but boy did we have fun! But we both have learnt lessons from it like.. Do not clean you muddy football boots in the sink do it out the window instead, don't pass simone magill the ball, on the maids behalf never leave a master key in our room and last but not least never ever mess with smole and hayley karma will bite you. So on a whole we have hada great experience coming 3rd in our group! So from smole and hayley or as she is now known as the dwarf we will have to see what awaits us......

Team Happy Hayley and Sunnie Smole