Downpatrick 5 aside

By · December 23, 2010 · Filed in Match Report
Next Stop Downpatrick! For more five aside fun 😀 Us country girls being punctual as usual arrived 1 hour 15 minutess early! OBIVIOUSLY not out of choice, because between Claire (ma) and Lisa ( Christina) managed to get the times wrong ....we were starting to wonder if a tournament was even on! and they say the older you are the wiser....... for sure if it was me and Simone in charge, things would  havebeen done properly! So there we were all six of us! two cars and two very bored 16 year olds ! .... " Lisa can we drive ? " so off we went , i was driving Cilona and Smole was driving Aysha ( ma's newly named car! ) it was like real life bumper cars! Luckily McDonalds was across the road, so we went for a “social drink” consisting of 1 hot chocolate and 4 tea to Lisa’s disappointment. While we watched Simone chase a balloon around Mcdonalds for an hour, it just didn’t seem to get old! FINALLY GAME TIME! We hurried back over to the leisure centre to find PEOPLE! Oh yes! It was starting to look more like a tournament now.... we started off brightly ( LIES ) Del was half sleeping, and every time Lisa or debs kicked the ball, we were all in fits of laughter, Every time we tried to get Ma on the pitch she was too busy talking to notice!!! However we still managed to knock about 6 or 7 in the net, the most we’ve ever scored in Midulster history! All joking aside us girls put together some great football making it to the FINAL woooo ! we faced Downpatrick ladies, in the first 2minutes Smole was up 2 goals, they went in that fast, nobody even scene!! Some nifty footwork from Dell and Lisa , and of course debs pulling of some fine saves UNTIL we all fell asleep and downpatricks super striker pulled 2 back ! " RIGHT GIRLS STOP LAUGHING " was the cries from Lisa haha so we gathered all our gigglyness and went on to win the match 4-2 🙂 to be presented with some fine t-shirts and great looking team photo! 😉

The victorious 5 aside crew