Sunnie goes to the Sun (Cyprus to be exact)

By · March 17, 2011 · Filed in News
So here I was.. Off to cyprus I go. It was a 6am start and I awaited a longing 5 hour flight from london to cyprus.

lounging about in the airport


  For me the cyprus cup was a whole new experience as we were playing teams within the top 20 in the world and also teams that were outside europe. We kicked started our tournament playing a very strong south korea team only loosing 3-1 followed by a 2-1 defeat to russia 3-1 to mexico and 2-1 to Switzerland as you can see that we were competing with these world cup teams which for us was incredible although we could have had better luck with the referees as they decided to give the opposition 5 penalties in our 4 games which was very harsh. For us we done ourselves and our country proud as other teams were even crediting us on our desire,pride and how we all played with passion and how were always smiling and have a great team bond. We will all take something from this experience and personally I have thoroughly enjoyed this incredible experience. Not only did I enjoy the 'footballing bit' I really enjoyed the 'banter' with so many funny stories to be told. -simone 🙂

Simone receives her "Hat" from N. Ireland manager Alfie Wylie