Duck Race

By · July 31, 2011 · Filed in News
Mid Ulster Ladies held a keenly contested Duck Race on Friday night 29 July at Wellbrook Beetling Mill.  The standard entry of 1000 regular yellow bath ducks were joined in the water by old faithful Sealina and a family of disco ducks.  Also taking to the water were the Mid Ulster race officials.  Eimear, Rachel and Bridget were the finish line judges whilst Anna, Scott, Elaine and Ma were the Duck marshalls helping any unfortunate ducks on their journey down the river.  Simone and Hayley were referees and start line officials included Sophie, Jessica, Katie, Ryan, Mathew x2, Sami and Mark.  The two Richards acted as life guards (David Hasselhoff equivalents minus the red speedos!!).   A special word of thanks must go to Sammy A for weeding the river prior to the event!

Ducks are go!!

A large crowd gathered for the event and on a beautiful summer evening (well it was dry out of the river anyway) the heats got underway.  The five heats were enthralling battles with a photo finish on many occasions.  It was drama all along the river as the Ducks got dirty shouldering each other into the weeds and trying to sink each other along the way.  The heats out of the way the finalists lined up and off they went.  In a blistering time 3 yellow ducks crossed the line first and the winners were duly removed from the river to receive the congratulations from the crowd.  Winning Duck owners were 1 st Maisie Cunningham, 2nd Eoin McGarrity and 3rd Sandie from Newbridge Predators.  After all this excitement it was on to a BBQ / 21 st birthday party for Elaine in the Railway.  Some wise people stopped off for a quick shower on route.  Lets just say the river water wasnt that fragrant. The Railway served up a cracking BBQ and Ma served up a bit of a birthday cake as Elaine showed the young ones how to enjoy themselves.  Entertainment was provided by Rooney... Simone may just have lost her position as the clubs lead singer but it was still good to see that the girls stuck to the blackcurrant and water knowing that they had a tournament the next day.

Sealina meets a fan

As for Sealina better luck next year!!