Up coming events

By · January 16, 2012 · Filed in News
Following on from our very successful night with Beauty Consultants Marie Claire & Maryisha Reah and our guest speakers from the Niamh Louise foundation the club have another night planned.  Monday 6 February is the date and Cookstown Leisure Centre the venue.  From 7-9pm the club welcomes the very popular local artist and therapist Carol Dohey and experienced reflexologist Michelle Eastwood to share with members and friends of the club some of the benefits of their trade. Carol is going to speak to the group about building self esteem and confidence for girls and women and I am sure it will be an entertaining slant on the subject. Michelle will demonstrate some of the reflexology techniques on some lucky volunteers and explain the benefits of this popular therapy. Aside from this the night will be a good chance to get out of the house away from watching rubbish on tv and you might even get a glass of Shloer or a few nibbles while you are at it. Open to all just come along on the night to Cookstown Leisure Centre for 7pm and bring your friends.