Information evening goes down a treat

By · February 7, 2012 · Filed in News
Mid Ulster Ladies were delighted to host a further evening of information and fun on 6 February in Cookstown Leisure centre.  Parents, Player, Friends and officials of the club were treated to an evening of relaxation followed up by plenty of laughs and a good dose of some great advice towards a better outlook on life.  Local Reflexologist Michelle Eastwood was up first to enlighten the group to the benefits of reflexology.

The crowd gathers in anticipation

  A hugely informative talk expertly delivered left the audience keen to sample the delights of the therapy.  Michelle didnt disappoint and eager particpant Lisa Richardson was treated to a hand massage that Lisa testified left her feeling great and you should have seen her go on Tuesday night at indoor!! At this rate we will need to send the whole team to Michelle.  Michelle then took questions from the floor and Simone asked the question that everyone was thinking "Does it tickle".  Apparently not!

Michelle working her magic

    On that note Michelle handed over the reigns to a fellow complimentary therapist and local celebrity Carol Dohey.  The crowd rose to their feet (on Carols instruction) and we all played the parachute game which Ma thought was class and she now wants a parachute.

The Parachute - a bit blurry but cooool

    After this icebreaker and jizzing everyone up again from their relaxed state Carol set us all to work listing 1 thing that we wanted to get rid off.  Team Manager Noel will be glad to hear that he wasnt listed on anyones piece of paper.  Gathering up our lists Carol went through them all and interspersed with tales of Yodelling dogs and various other things she pretty much told all present that there was nothing on the lists that we couldnt get rid of if we really wanted to.  It was a message of empowerment to yourself about yourself but it was told in such an entertaining fashion that everyone left the room on a high.  Another successful evening for the Mid Ulster girls and many thanks to our wonderful speakers Michelle Eastwood and Carol Dohey.  

I enjoyed it this much!!