Mid Ulsters got talent!!

By · March 25, 2012 · Filed in News
Oranges, karaoke and babies.  You really never know what you are going to get with a Mid Ulster night out.  A number of the Mid Ulster members and supporters turned up to Cookstown Golf club on Saturday 24 March for a night of fun and entertainment courtesy of Carol Doey.  Well there were some who only went on the promise of a feed as well! People wondered why we couldnt adequately describe what the night was going to entail before the event and those who attended will certainly understand why.  The night kicked off with a lovely fork buffet with tea but no toast from Darren and his staff from the Fairways restaurant. With everyone was well fed and watered and starting to get comfortable our hostess Carol went on the prowl splitting the group into teams and providing them all with an orange.  Each group set about creating the story of their orange.  First up was Brooke whose orange ended up a bit worse for wear after Rooney drove over it apparently.  We were also introduced to Oscar the orange originally from Portadown (funny thats were a few of the oranges were from) who had been saved from being given to the juniors and had been hiding out in Mas garage. Karen Hambags orange apparently had enjoyed a conventional orange up bringing and Glen had brought his orange from the garden of Eden.  Junkies orange even had a poem dedicated to it... full version will be in print later this year.

Brooke in deep thought about her orange

Just when we all thought that things couldnt get any stranger Carol informed us that each team had to nominate a member to get up and sing a song.  Leading the way was Caroline Stirrup giving a stirring rendition of Stand by your man, better than Tammy wynette any day.  Then Ma thought she was Sheryl Crowe, she didnt need words or music or even a note in her head, she was just "having a little fun before I die"  Team Hunniford, Charles and Conroy formed a new super group "Pick n Mix" to give  us the remix of Happy Birthday before the Venga Bus rolled into town with Rooney and Lisa Lucozade on Board.  Ann McGrath and Glen Junk finished up the singing. ( I think they might have had previous experience). In between all of the madness the assembled guests were treated to someone who really has talent as young Ryan McGarrity provided musical entertainment throughout the event.

Outstanding local talent: Ryan McGarrity

The final event of the evening was the Mid Ulster Babies please see the video clip on our facebook and top of the webpage as words really couldnt describe this.  Honestly Ma was sore from laughing even sorer than after the wheel barrow races a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks to Carol, Tony, Ryan and Grainne who entertained, cleaned up jelly and petit filous and basically provided us all with a great laugh and well done to everyone who attended and participated.  Until the next one......