Juniors international fixture washed out :(

By · April 26, 2012 · Filed in Trips Out
The Mid Ulster Juniors and their legions of supporters travelled to Mourneview on Wed 25 April to entertain the crowds at the N.Ireland v Hungary European Qualifying game.  After much arrangements a big bus departed Asda car park and hit the road for Lurgan.  The passengers were all fed with Mas buns and on arriving at the ground on a pretty miserable night they were all ready for action. GAWA buns! Yum Unfortunately Uefa and the weather conspired for the second time to prevent the girls taking to the pitch as the half time entertainment was cancelled.  Even though disappointed the girls did not let this get them down and they decided to channel all their energy into cheering for our very own Sunnie and her GAWA (thats Green and white army for those of us who dont know).

Hungary Juniors

The game itself was a tight fought affair and our very own Simone was outstanding creating chances and doing some great work up front on her own.  An amazing turn (that Junkie had taught her)  on the half way line left her marker for dust.  The big Hungarian centre half was reduced to a bit of physical to try and get the better of her but Simone was having none of it.  With the score 0-0 at half time the Mid Ulster crew sought refreshments and the chip van was soon ran out of food as the atheletes all stocked up.  Into the second half and the noise from the supporters was deafening well it deafened anyone sitting near Taylor anyway.  N. Ireland started the half brightly and Simone was again tormenting the Hungarian defence.  A great move saw a ball played in from Kirsty Maguinnes and Simone made it first and as the crowd rose to their feet the ball hit off the post and bounced out to a very relieved Hungarian defender.  So close and the N.I girls continued to press but they just couldnt get the final touch.  As the game wore on N.Ireland pushed for a winner but this also provided Hungary with opportunities and the warning bells should have sounded when Julie Nelson made an unbelievable block on the line to keep the scores level.  The crowd were longing for the final whistle as the pressure mounted and eventually the Hungarian break through came.  After a great performance Captain Ashley Hutton was so unfortunate with a mis timed tackle which led to the award of a penalty to the visitors with minutes to play.  Emma Higgens could do nothing to stop it and with practically the last kick of the game, Hungary pinched all 3 points.

Sunnie Man of the match, Anna supporter of the match

Disappointment all round but on the bright side a superb Man of the match performance from Simone and something to aspire to for all the Junior club members.  Many sleepy heads caught a few zzzs on the way home and its roll on the next game against Bulgaria at the end of May.