Only 23 remain

By · October 24, 2013 · Filed in News
After the last round of matches there are only 23 experts remaining. Are you one of the special ones!! Selections for the next set of matches are listed below.
  Round 7 Round 8
    Tuesday 5th November Wednesday 6th November
138 Adele Gillespie Man City Chelsea
15 Aislinn Donnelly Man City Napoli
2 Brian Mitchell Man Utd Napoli
185 Darren Morgan PSG Chelsea
135 David Bell PSG Athletico Madrid
100 Elaine Junk 2 Man City Chelsea
163 Enda Fox PSG FC Basel
24 Fionnuala Morgan Man City Ajax
43 Garry Harte Man Utd Napoli
165 Gerard Glackin Man Utd FC Basel
107 Glenn Junk Real Madrid Ajax
47 Grace Downey Man City Athletico Madrid
41 Joanne McVey Bayern Munich AC Milan
6 Lesley Donaghy Benfica Barcelona
159 Michael McQuillan Bayern Munich Napoli
162 Neil Morrow PSG Zenit St Petersburg
181 Nigel Hanna PSG Ajax
155 Peter Loney Man City Borussia Dortmund
140 Philip Mitchell PSG Athletico Madrid
46 Phily Darragh Shakhtar Donetsk Napoli
184 Roe Kelly PSG Ajax
136 Ruth Bell PSG Ajax
17 Thea Thornton Man City Ajax